What we can do for you

The Jamsolar team have valuable experience of design and construction for the main functioning elements of an off-grid house.

  • Solar Energy. Using PV panels on roof surfaces with connection to Battery bank (various types) and Charge Controllers, etc. Also small stand alone systems for remote security gate operation. 
  • We have over ten years experience of installing Solar Water Heaters  for houses and hotels. We recommend ‘Closed Loop’ systems with flat panel collectors for the Caribbean market. Our preferred quality supplier is Calpak (Greece). 
  • Expertise (through trial and error) of Rainwater Harvesting collecting surfaces and channels and how to store and to maintain cleanliness of water input. 
  • We recommend Toilet Waste Composting systems from Aquatron (Sweden). The  experience of the WC user is the usual water flush procedure.
  • Design and construction of Waste Water Gardens which offer an efficient, eco-friendly and beautiful alternative to septic tanks and leach fields.  Both ‘ black’ water from toilet waste and ‘ grey’ water can be absorbed by the special construct which is easier to build and maintain than reed beds. 
  • We are pioneers of ‘DC Microgrid ‘ and have proven that a  large house can be run on 24V DC from solar battery bank if designed from ‘ground up’.